How it works?

1. Verify your case with us for free

Starting a case with us is completely free. Fill out the claim form with flight data. Our claim agents will review your case, contact you via e-mail and explain how to proceed.

To represent you, we need to be able to present a signed Assignment Form to the airline. You can easily sign it on your PC or mobile, and it will give us the legal right to represent you when dealing with the airline. Without a Assignment Form signed by you, we cannot take care of your case. When we receive a Assignment Form, we can start a fight for claim with the airline. 


2. We will claim your case to the airline

SkyDelay does all the work for you. If the airline accepts the claim, a payment is made to our account and we contact you regarding transferring it on your account. You just need to put your bank account number in order that we could transfer the paid compensation for your account. We will send the compensation as soon as we’ve got your bank account number. You have to know that dealing with airlines may vary. Typically, a case takes about 8-12 weeks.

Unfortunately, airlines mechanically reject claims for reimbursement mentioning extraordinary circumstances as the cause for rejection. Nevertheless, our lawyers evaluate all rejected claims and (if viable) take the airline to court. Obviously, this will increase the handling time of your case. However, this may not have an effect on you financially in any way.


3. Get up to €600 of compensation!

In comparison to lots of our competition, we don’t have any hidden fees and our commission is constantly the same at 25% (which include VAT) no matter whether or not the case is taken to court. Our philosophy has constantly been “no win – no rate”, meaning that we only fee you if we can get you your compensation.

A few airways transfer reimbursement to our customers directly. If the airline contacts you, please forward their electronic mail to us straight away.